Union Nationale Sportive Léo Lagrange

Der Nationale Sportverein Leo Lagrange ist ein Mehrsportverein, der den Einradverein hier in Frankreich beherbergt. Er wurde 1984 gegründet, und dessen Ziele sind es, einerseits den Sport als Erziehungsmittel zu fördern, andererseits den Sport für eine breite Basis zugänglich zu machen. Das sind etwa Sport im Gefängnis; Sport für Migranten, und global gesehen, Sport für jeden, egal woher er kommt, was seine Lebensbedingungen sind, seine Religion, sein Alter...

Its support is a very important part of our organization, especially three notable people.

Myriam Chomaz is a technical sports expert, employed by the French ministry of sport to help develop UNSLL’s missions. Among these missions is the support of the development of unicycling. She helps to coordinate the event, and uses her numerous contacts in Grenoble and its surrounding area. She is also a früher Berufsboxerin !

Jérémy Mouchel is the federal technical manager of the Union Régionale Sportive Léo Lagrange. Formerly a professional cyclist, Jérémy follows the organization of the world championship at several levels. He will proudly open the marathon and the 10km !
Nathanaëlle Doreau is the UNSLL project manager dedicated to Unicon 20. A unicyclist for almost 10 years, she provides local support to the organizing committee.
Jonathan Rouquairol is our road race and cross country manager. With a great experience in the organization of events and trails, Jonathan brings us his knowledge of the field, logistics and administration.

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