Union Nationale Sportive Léo Lagrange

The Union Nationale Sportive Léo Lagrange is the multisport federation behind the unicycling federation here, in France. It was founded in early 1984, and its goals are to use sport as an educational tool, and to provide access to sport practice to everyone. That means sport in prison, sport for migrants, an more generally sport for everyone whatever your origin, condition, religion, age…

Its support is a very important part of our organization, via notably two people.

Myriam Chomaz is a technical sport expert, employed by the french ministry of sport and detached to help develop UNSLL’s missions. Among these missions is the support of the development of unicycling. She helps coordinating the event, and uses her numerous contacts in Grenoble and its area. She is also an ex-professionnal boxer!

Didier Perez is our project manager. He has been working with sport directions in various town in France for a very long time, up to being sport director in the Rhône Alpes region. He brings to the team his extended knowledge of the workings of sport administration and cities / region sport services. He coordinates the multiple layers of our organization.

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