The Marathon (42.195km) will be run along the Isère River on 31 July 2022.

There are two unicycle categories, the 29 Class and the Unlimited Class. Riders in the 29 Class must have a wheel diameter between 619-778mm with regular transmission, but there is no limit on crank length. Riders in the Unlimited Class have no limit on wheel diameter, crank length or transmission. The specifications for each class are listed in the IUF Rulebook 2019, section 3B.2.
Expert, age-group and ungeared placings are defined and awarded as per the IUF rulebook.

Das Rennen
Es besteht aus drei Schleifen im Uhrzeigersinn.
The start is on the northern side of the river (green circle D on the map) to allow a slightly shortened first lap. It proceeds in the North-East direction for 1.6km, before turning sharply onto a cycle path, which you will be riding for the remainder of the lap. The turn around is the first bridge crossing at the easternmost end of the course. From there you head back down river in the South-West direction. The end of the first and second lap is the second bridge crossing on the westernmost end of the course.
Nach der dritten und letzten Schleife fahren die Wettkämpfer nicht über die zweite Brücke. Stattdessen fahren sie den Weg runter auf der linken Seite in Richtung der Ziellinie (roter Kreis A auf der Mappe)

Fakten über das Renenn
Download the .gpx file.

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