Règles communes aux disciplines de l'athlétisme

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un aperçu de toutes les disciplines de piste proposées à Unicon 20 et de leurs procédures. Les règles détaillées peuvent être trouvées dans le 2019 IUF Rulebook. Tous les coureurs sont tenus de prendre connaissance du règlement avant la compétition.

Les disciplines de la voie sont divisées en disciplines de course et le disciplines techniques. Vous trouverez une vue d'ensemble des disciplines respectives sur les pages correspondantes.

Lieu et horaire

All the track disciplines take place in the Bachelard Stadium (59 Rue Albert Reynier, Grenoble) with the exception of Slow Balance and Stillstand that will take place at the Gymnase Aristide Berges (25 Allée des Balmes, Seyssinet-Pariset).

On the east side of the stadium are about 80 parking spots. The stadium has a large covered stand and a locker room. Lockers are available but you have to bring your own lock. There are showers for the athletes and mixed gender restrooms in the stadium.

There are five days of competitions and one day of practice. The days are scheduled as follows :

The timetable is not yet final and is likely to change.

Tue 28-Jul100 m (senior)
50 m One Foot (senior)
Wed 29-July100 m (junior)
50 m One-Foot (junior)
IUF Slalom, including finals
finales du 100 m
50 m One-Foot finals
Thu 30-Jul400 m
4 x 100 m Relay
Fri 31-JulSlow Balance(at Gymnase Aristide Berges)
Stillstand(at Gymnase Aristide Berges)
Sat 01-Aug800 m
10 m / 30 m Wheel Walk

Unicycle Parking

Due to safety reasons, no unicycles may be taken onto the stands in the stadium. Special unicycle parking areas will be marked for unicycles. Please keep all emergency exits and stairways free from unicycles or other equipment. Unicycles on stairways or in emergency exits will be immediately removed by the staff.

Track / Starting Zone

In order to ensure that competitions can run fast and smoothly, there is a closed area around the track and the starting area where only athletes are allowed to stay. Coaches and spectators may watch from the stands and from the outside.

General Information for all Track Disciplines


The maximum allowed unicycle class for age groups with a maximum age of 10 or younger  are 20 Class unicycles with an outer diameter up to 518 mm and a minimum crank length of 100 mm. In all other age groups, 24 Class unicycles with an outer diameter up to 618 mm and a minimum crank length of 125 mm may be used.

Required Protection

According to the IUF rulebook, knee pads, gloves, and shoes must be worn. This also applies during warm-up practise on the track. If the prescribed safety equipment is not worn, this is a reason for disqualification.

In addition, it is recommended to wear a helmet in all races.

Start- and False-Start-Monitoring

An electronic start and false start monitoring system developed especially for unicycle races is used for all races. This allows each track to be monitored individually and to detect a false start fully automatically. In addition to the electronic system, at least two judges are placed at the start line who also watch out for running starts.

In all races the false start rule “one false start per run” as described in the IUF rulebook applies.

The six-tone start described in the IUF rulebook is used as the start signal.

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