Unicon 20: Join the unicycle world championship!

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Découvrez le championnat du monde de monocycle

This summer, from July 26 to August 6, 2022 and for the first time in France, Grenoble will host the 20th international edition of Unicon, the world unicycle championship.

After welcoming the women’s soccer world cup in 2019 and the international figure skating championships, Grenoble will soon host the Unicon 20 world unicycle championship! Unicon 20 stands for “UNIcycle CONvention” and is the largest unicycle gathering in the world, with some 1500 participants expected from 35 different countries.

Unicycling: a multidisciplinary sport

Originating from circus, unicycling is a sport with 35 different disciplines: collective (field hockey and basketball), urban (street, flat, trial), outdoor (cross-country, cyclocross and downhill), track races (100m, 4x100m…), endurance (10km, marathon, hill climb) and finally artistic (freestyle in group, pair or individual). Those disciplines require both flat and hilly terrain, so Grenoble and its mountains offer an ideal playground!

Often referred to as the Olympic Games because of the variety of its activities, Unicon is particularly recognized and appreciated for its inclusive, intergenerational, multicultural and eco-responsible character. For François Wurmser, director of Unicon, “this is an opportunity to offer everyone a high quality sports event that has never been seen before in France, but also a fun, accessible and friendly atmosphere, driven by the values of respect, sharing and team spirit. All the world champions of the discipline will be present to put on a show and delight the public!

What if you were the next world champion? 

To participate in the unicycle world championship, you don’t need to qualify in advance or to be an expert in the field. Many disciplines are accessible to all, whatever your age, if you already know how to ride a unicycle (examples of events: 100m, 400m, 4x100m, 10km).

I want to register !

If you are not a competitor, Unicon is also for you

Many workshops and animations around unicycling are on the program: how about the opening parade with more than 1500 unicyclists from all over the world?

Information et registration

Coming as a spectator is possible! 

You are welcome to attend the spectacular sports events offered by Unicon on the different competition sites for free. You can also discover the world of unicycling in the Unicon Village, which will be located at the speed ring during the whole event: every day, we will offer an initiation booth for unicycling from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. The Unicon program (not to be missed!) will soon be available at the tourist office of Grenoble and the shops of the city, or to download on the official website of Unicon 20.

Learn more about the event and follow Unicon’s news on social networks :

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