Around Grenoble

You are planning to stay a bit longer before or after Unicon, or want to have a day-trip to some exciting places? Here’s some suggestions from us!

Nature and Mountains

Grenoble is surrounded by 3 mountains massifs: Chartreuse, Belledonne and Vercors. There are lots of villages and resorts there, as well as plenty of biking and hiking trains. If you’re even more adventurous, they are also great locations for climbing, paragliding or mountaineering.

If you’re willing to go a bit further, Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc are only a 2-hour drive away, and not that big of a detour if you’re flying from Geneva airport.

Towns and cities

It is very easy to plan day-trips to Lyon or Annecy. There are regular bus and train services, and it’s only a short ride to either of those cities.
Lyon is the 2nd biggest city in France, and you’ll find lots of museums and parks. It is also home to the Woom, the five-time world champion unicycle-basketball team!
Annecy is famous for its lake and scenic views, and is sometimes called the “Venice of the Alps” because of its canals.

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