Program of 29/07

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in Halle Clémenceau. You can check which wave you’re in here: 

We are still missing some judges (no special skills required).

Sign up here:


8am to 5pm, A tournament continues

Location: Gymnase Aristide Bergès

7pm to 10pm hockey finals.

The Gustavo foodtruck will be there for your evening meal. 

Downhill / Uphill practice

8am Take our buses from Halle Clémenceau, or meet us directly in Prapoutel Les 7 Laux, at the bottom of ski lifts.

IUF Meeting

5pm to 7pm The IUF public meeting will take place under the big tent at Unicon village. 


You may have noticed that we are holding a raffle! Many unicycle parts, or even unicycles, and Schlumphf hub can be won! Three draws will take place, and the first one is coming up! Two days remaining to buy your tickets.

Order your meals at Gustavo with a discount

Gustavo offers a variety of vegan meals: kebabs, tacos, falafel sandwiches and other sweet treats. He delivers to all Unicons locations on pre-order (Lunch: before 10am, dinner: before 5pm). 

Link to order: 

Discount code: UNICONGUS to get free delivery

Closing Ceremony/Open Stage

If you would like to present a performance of up to 10 minutes at the closing ceremony, please send your proposal by email to . 

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