Muni Uphill will be held in Les 7 Laux Bikepark. The primary meeting location is in Prapoutel, which has parking and can also be accessed by public transportation.
Bussing options are also being explored.

NOTE: This is the preliminary course. We are still working on authorities approval.

The Course

The Uphill course will start at Prapoutel where the “Bouguetins” chairlift starts and will be a 10-20 meter wide area, going up a grassy but fairly smooth hillside. At the top of the hill the course narrows in and continues on a gravel road for the last about 20 meters. The finish line will be right at the top of the chairlift.

Course length: 774m 
Total ascent: 224 m

Explore course and elevation profiles HERE.

合計距離: 811 m
最高点の標高: 1567 m
最低点の標高: 1336 m
累積標高(上り): 231 m
累積標高(下り): 0 m
Download file: Uphill.gpx
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