Cross country

Muni Cross Country will be held in Les Vouillants on 28 July 2022. The primary meeting location is Désert Jean-Jacques Rousseau which has limited parking and can also be accessed by public transportation.
Busing options are currently being explored.

All 3 categories : Beginner, Intermediate and Elite will start to the Désert Jean-Jacques Rousseau parking area.

Race Categories :

The three courses are described using the Muni XC “M” Scale. The M scale describes the technical difficulty of a trail. There are six grades of difficulty with “M0” as the easiest and “M5” as the most difficult. More information about the “M” Scale can be found at:


The course is approximately 4.2 km long, comprised mainly of gravel paths and singletrack. The trail has a maximum 12% grade climb and a total ascent of approximately 103 meters. Some sections have small roots, rocks, and loose gravel.

Muni XC Scale* :

  • Maximum Difficulty : M2
  • Average Difficulty : M1
  • Total : 10 Points

Explore Course and elevation profiles HERE


The course is approximately 7.8 km long with a maximum 36.7% grade climb and a total ascent of approximately 324m. The course includes singletrack, doubletrack, and short sections of gravel road. Most of the course is on forestry roads and easy single tracks, however, the downhill part incorporates a rock garden.

Muni XC Scale* :

  • Maximum Difficulty : M3
  • Average Difficulty : M1
  • Total : 18 Points

Explore Course and elevation profiles HERE


The course is two loops of a 7.4 km course with a 1 km section path to and from the loop, an approximate 17 km course mostly on singletrack and rough terrain. There is approximately 870m total of ascent, with a 37.8% maximum grade ascent. Most of the uphill is on forestry roads, while downhill is mostly on technical singletracks. There are easy and fast sections but also many technical ones; notably the downhill section rated as M3 on the Muni Difficulty Scale. The primary uphill part is physically demanding, with an elevation gain of 340m in approximately 4.2 km, and a reminder, it has to be ridden twice during the race. 😉

Muni XC Scale* :

  • Maximum Difficulty : M4
  • Average Difficulty : M1.5
  • Total : 29 Points

Explore Course and elevation profiles HERE

NOTE : The Elite race will have a cut-off time for riders starting the second lap.

* For reference to the Muni XC Scale:

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