10 km


The 10km race is one of the largest racing events at Unicon.  It will take place on the cycle path along the Isère River on 27 July 2022. 

Race categories

There are two unicycle categories, the 24 Class and the Unlimited Class.  Riders in the 24 Class must have a wheel diameter between 519-618mm, minimum crank length of 125mm, and regular transmission. Riders in the Unlimited Class have no limit on wheel diameter, crank length or transmission.  The specifications for each class are listed in the IUF Rulebook 2019, section 3B.2. 

Expert, age-group and ungeared placings are defined and awarded as per the IUF rulebook.


Riders can take public transport to the start. We will be looking at bus options as well (to be confirmed)


The course is one way along a cycle path following the Isère River.  The start location is on the northern side of the river, and follows the cycle path in the south-west direction, crossing a bridge midway to finish on the south side of the river. 

The cycle path is narrow in places and may not be closed to the general public.  The surface is smooth but there are occasional bumps.  Just before the bridge (at the L’île D’amours) are white barriers that cannot move. Riders will need to ride single file between the barriers.  There is a bridge to cross, with a sizeable bump up onto it. It is a 90-degree left turn onto the bridge, followed by distinct right turn on the other side. For a small section after the bridge near L’ile D’amours, the cycle path has a distinct camber (sloping downward from left [highest] to right [lowest]).  The race will end at the university campus.

Course map
Download the .gpx file

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