Il monociclo è uno sport molto variegato! A UNICON 20 avremo ben 37 discipline diverse.


Freestyle is the tricks and artistic unicycle competition. Compete at freestyle individually, with a partner, or in a group.


Muni stands for Mountain Unicycling. It regroups all off-road races hosted at Unicon 20: cross country, cyclocross, downhill and uphill.

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The shortest : 10 kilometers. The famous: marathon. And who knows, we might have more…

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Il monociclo non è uno sport individuale. A UNICON 20 avremo gare di hockey e basket!

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Track races hosted will be 100m, 400m, 800m, 50m one foot, 30/10m wheel walk. We will also have IUF slalom, slow races, stillstand and coasting.


Urban unicycling. Flatland for tricks on flat, trials / speed trials for obstacle tackling. You want to mix both of them? Let me introduce street! We also have high jump and long jumps. Not enough? Try long jump on platform and high jump onto platform!

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