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Good afternoon, Up- and Downhil Competitiors

Tomorrow is competition day! 

We are still missing a lot of very critical volunteers

These volunteer-positions are all extremely vital to the competition.

If they do not get filled up. Events WILL get canceled!

You can sign up for volunteering by clicking on this link:

The Up- and Downhill venue can be found here:

Les 7 Laux Bikepark

Les Cortillets

38190 Les Adrets

45.257647⁰ N 5.998074⁰ E

The meeting is point for getting on the busses is on the parking of Palais des Sports at 14 boulevard Clemenceau

Buses will be Bringing you from Unicon-city to the Les 7 Laux Bikepark..

buses will be leaving Unicon-city at 06:15

Return busses is at 16:00 from Les 7 Laux

Make sure to be on time for the buses. They do not wait!

Info about the competition.

All riders are responsible for their own water. 

There will NOT be water stations on the course

The race will be held as a time-trial

One rider at a time. With one minute between.

Riders are self-seating, the fastest rider should be in front -you are responsible for this yourself.

Be in a good time for your start! You will have to check in before your race! 

When you arrive at the bike-park, you have to check in at the tent that has a sign saying “competitors” –If you are not checked in, you can not race

If you are volunteering you should show up in the tent saying “Volunteers” well before your shift starts! 

See you tomorrow 

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