Potential dates for Unicon 20 in 2021

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We are excited to announce the proposed dates for Unicon 20: 27th of July 2021 to the 7th of August 2021.
These dates are NOT officially validated by all partners yet, although every partner has unofficially agreed to these dates. We hope to announce the validation of these dates in September.

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Carsten Pingel · 7 Luglio 2020 alle 13 h 49 min

Sorry, it is righ? The new dates are from tuesday to saturday and not wednesday to sunday in planning?

    Maxence · 7 Luglio 2020 alle 14 h 37 min

    Hi Carsten! The planning is currently wrong. It hasn’t been reworked since the UNICON has been postponed. We’ll keep you updated on the final dates and planning 🙂

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