Backup plan for competitions: Video conferencing platforms.

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The Unicyling world championships (Unicon 20) were meant to take place this summer in Grenoble. Fortunately, they were not cancelled, but only postponed to the summer of 2021! No more competitions or group training for the time being. On the other hand, unicyclists are full of resources! They is practice 35 different disciplines.

That’s why the Unicon organisers decided to organise two live events, remotely, in order to motivate the athletes to practice.

The “Still Stand* Challenge” took place on April 12th. Still stand consists of balancing as long as possible on your unicycle without falling off. Mael Robert, who is the official world record holder with 35 minutes and 56 seconds, managed to stay on for

42 minute! Watch the livestream .

The “Lockdown Flat Contest” took place on Sunday, May 10th. The idea was the same:, the riders logged in via the Zoom application to compete in a flatland battle*. The event was broadcasted live on our Youtube channel (@Unicon20). The world’s best riders in the discipline were able to be present. The riders made it a wonderful show to watch, and the spectators made the live chat very lively.You can watch the livestream, here.  Watch out! It is a truly stunning show!

*Still Stand: This Unicon event consists of balancing on your unicycle on a 15cm2 plank.

*Flatland: This Unicon discipline is very similar to flatland BMX.

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