Unicycle Hockey at UNICON 20 will include three competitions (A, B and C), so there will be a chance for players of every skill level to participate and it will consist of 9 days of competition.

The hall Gymnase Aristide Berges is located 4km from UNICON HQ and will house a 44 x 24 meter inline hockey rink for the matches. Transport to the venue is 15 min drive (parking is available), 30-40min unicycle ride or 23 minutes by public transport (tram). Toilets and showers are available at the venue. Bottles can be filled at the sink if needed but no drinking fountains are available, it is expected to be hot so bringing a water-bottle is highly recommended. Please be prepared.

For those new to UNICON and unicycle hockey, it is a friendly team sport that is easy to join in.  There will be workshops, fun games that are not part of any competition, and the C competition specifically for gentler play and beginners. So UNICON is a great place to start learning!

A B competitions will be run according to IUF rules. The C competition will provide more leeway for players learning the game. If you are interested in competing in Hockey at Unicon 20 please make a note in the google form (provided below) so we can place you in the appropriate competition!

Please read the hockey section of the current (2019) rulebook if you plan to compete. It is available from the publications section of the International Unicycling Federation website.

Competitions will be dependent on team numbers with tournament draws to come as we finalize teams. To improve the competition seeding please provide us with some info on you/your team by filling out this form. If you would like to discuss which competition would be best for your team contact us here.

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