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Feeling excited about this 20th edition? So are we!

And the website is now online! You will find a lot of information about UNICON 20 here. We still miss some information but they will be added as soon as we have them. 🙂

On this website you will soon be able to register yourself as a competitor or non-competitor and volunteer!

If you have any question or remark, do not hesitate to contact us via the ‘Contact’ button.

We hare very happy to organize such an event and we’ll do our best to make it unique and memorable!

See you in a year 😀

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John Foss · 11 9월 2019 0 h 04 min

Congratulations to the hard-working folks at the IUF, and all those other dedicated people who make conventions possible! This would not happen without you, and I understand this convention had a hard time getting located. We would love to hear more of the story of that, as well as to learn a bit about all the people who are putting together this event.

Unicon 20! We have come so far in 35 years, from a 3-day event to the monstrous, Olympic-like extravaganza that is Unicon today. Many of the most popular events didn’t even exist then. We had Track, we had (what we now call) Freestyle, we had Basketball, we had a Public Show, and not a lot else. Other than getting together with like-minded unicycle lovers from all over the world, having a great time and starting some friendships that still endure today. Thank you for being part of that legacy. Jacquie and I are looking forward to celebrating #20. Who knows, I might even put together a Freestyle performance to celebrate!

Stay on top,
John Foss
the Uni-Cyclone
Serial Unicon Attendee

    François · 24 9월 2019 19 h 12 min

    Thanks for the kind words, and see you there! 🙂

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