August 3, track 400m / 4x100m, Hockey C, Basketball A, Pair freestyle, speed trials

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8am to 6:30pm 400m et 4x100m

Location: Bachelard stadium

Please note, due to the nature of track events, we cannot provide an exact time for each race. Instead, events will continue to run back to back. Please arrive in plenty of time for each race. Previsional schedule / 地図

You can find start lists here: 400 m / 4×100 m (available soon)

We are still missing volunteers.
Sign-up here:

The foodtent “La tribu du Cru” will be there at lunch and in the evening. 

Hockey C

8am to 7pm C tournament continues at Aristide Bergès Gym

The Momo Mia foodtruck will be there for your lunch.

Basketball A

8am to 7pm A tournament continues at Jean-Philippe Motte Gym

Speed trials

8am to 11am Preliminaries

8pm to  10pm finals

Location: Unicon village

We are still missing one volunteer.
Sign-up here:

Pair Freestyle

9am to 4pm Age groups

8pm to 10pm Junior Expert and Expert

You can find start lists here: 0-14 / 15-16 / 17-18 / 19-20 / 21-22 / 23+ / Junior Expert and Expert available soon

We are still missing volunteers.

Sign-up here:


The second raffle draw, which was supposed to be tonight, is postponed to tomorrow. 

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