August 6, mountain climbing road race, street finals, closing ceremony and final party

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7am rider meeting

Location: Joseph Guetat sport complex, rue Pierre de Coubertin, Seyssinet-Pariset

You can find the start lists here: 

Buses will take you down after the race

We are still missing volunteers.
Sign-up here:

Street finals

2:30pm to 5:30pmStreet finals

Location: Unicon village

We are missing a few volunteers: 

Closing ceremony

5:30pm to midnight

The village will be closed at the end of the street finals (around 5.30 pm) and we will meet in the Halle Clémenceau for the last awards, the tombola and the final speech. 

The village will reopen around 6.15 pm. Only people with a bracelet (competitor or non-competitor) will be allowed to enter. The meal will start shortly afterwards. On the menu, local products: Crozets with cheese from Sassenage.

We will put back into play the prizes of the tombola that have not been collected at about 9.15 pm. Then, music and party until midnight.

We are organising a sale during the evening: basketball, posters, computer, phone, water bottle, t-shirt, tote bag 

Meals will be sold for non registered people (maximum 200 people)


The lot N°20 for the 766 blue is to be collected by Millet Novas at the info point.

The lot N°26 for the 127 pink is to be collected by David at the info point.

Deposit for reusable lunchboxes

Don’t forget to bring back your deposit tickets and your meal boxes to get your 4 € back. 

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