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The Unicon 20 team wishes you a Merry Christmas, and guess what: we have a present for you!

The Unicon 20 app is out for download. It is still in Beta, and will be improved in the next few weeks, but hey, it’s out!You can get it here:

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Cathy · 25 5月 2022 14 h 15 min

Hi there, just wondering if the app will be made available for apple devices please?

Unicon 20 · 30 5月 2022 9 h 23 min

We’re working on it !

Unicon 20 · 10 7月 2022 13 h 29 min

It’s out. It’s not perfect since we do not have many ways of testing it for Iphone, but it exists. Versino 2.0.2 coming.



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