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Following, you will find the registration conditions for Unicon 20 in 2022.

Four cases:

  • You are registered and you do want to come in 2022: great, we encourage everyone to stay registered. Already paid registrations will be valid for 2022.
  • You are not registered and never have been. Registrations prices are as follow:

Competitor: now until 12-December-2021 230€

Late Competitor: 13-December-2021 to 14-March-2022 260€

Very late Competitor: 15-March-2022 to 30-June-2022 280€

Non-Competitor: now until 12-December-2021 90€

Late non-Competitor: 13-December-2021 to 14-March-2022 110€

Very late non-Competitor: 15-March-2022 to 30-June-2022 130€

  • You are registered and have paid, but cannot attend in 2022. You have until the 12th of December 2021 to ask for a refund by sending an email to and giving us your registration number. A fee of 35 euros will be held back for competitors, and 15 euros for non competitors.
  • You were registered for Unicon 2020, asked for a refund when it was first postponed (only refunds asked for before the 5th of December are eligible), and would now like to register again. You are eligible for a 30 euros discount (competitors) or 15 euros (non competitors). Use the same registration account, and contact us before you pay at

Thank you for your continuous support of the organisation. We keep working towards the goal of a great Unicon.

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benjamin PERREAU · 5 11月 2021 14 h 59 min

Je souhaitais savoir ce que vous entendiez par non-competiteurs…les conjoints et enfants qui souhaitent seulement regarder en font-ils partis?
Merci par avance pour votre réponse.



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