Covid-19 and Unicon 20? What’s happening?

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We are in a time of uncertainty regarding the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the risk of gathering in large groups.

As you know, Unicon 20 is scheduled for 22-July to 2-August in Grenoble, France. And while that is more than four months from now, plans are well underway to ensure everything is ready.

Please know that as of today, we are continuing to organize with the understanding that Unicon will proceed as scheduled, and there are no plans to cancel or postpone.

We continue to monitor the situation and the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the French government. While Unicons are our favorite event and a unique opportunity to be together, the health and well-being of the unicyclists, their families, and all the volunteers who make Unicon 20 possible are our priority.

As you continue to see social media posts and emails from Unicon 20, know that we are adjusting registration periods and refund policies as necessary.

For now, we will continue planning with the expectation of being together in July.

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