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Registrations for the Unicycle World Championship, Unicon 20 which will take place in Grenoble (first time in France !) are peaking! This sunday, it is the end of the “early bird” period, the cheapest price you can have for Unicon. Register now!


Because Unicon is a unique experience, a once in a life time opportunity. Something you need to see for yourself. You think you don’t have the level? No! Unicon welcomes everyone, from the great champion to the youngest kid, with the grandpa and parents too. The community is heartily welcoming everyone, without any discrimination. Anyone can be satisfied in his own way. And everyone will see stuff he never thought was possible on unicycle!


You’re not sure you’ll get your vacation, you’re looking for a job? We have an official refund policy. And then we study each case, trying to stay human.

You want to do it, but it’s hard?

Don’t panic, we’ve got everything covered! Follow our video tutorial.


You’re coming with the whole family? You can benefit from a 10% discount on your Unicon registration. Read the conditions on our website.

See you in Grenoble!

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