LODGING: Special offers for Unicon 20

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We are happy to announce our partnership with ACCOR Hotels.
You can benefit from preferential rates for your stay in Grenoble for Unicon XX, 22nd July – 2nd August (preferential rates only applicable to those dates)

You can choose from up to 11 Hotels!


– Preferential Rates only applicable to those dates from 4 nights 
– Cancellation: Possible up to 15 days before + withdrawal of 4 nights at registration.
– Changes to dates: On the top right corner

More information

We are also privileged to offer you accommodation at Citadines Apart ‘Hotel thanks to our partnership.

More information

We are still scoping out other lodging options. In the meantime, 
We advise you to visit our website regularly so as not to miss any information.

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Carsten Pingel · 16 1月 2020 17 h 22 min

Gibt es die Möglichkeit mit einem Wohnmobil anzureisen? In San Sebastian gab es ja extra ein Gelände mit Strom, Duschen und Klo, was sehr gut angenommen worden ist.

Is it possible to travel with a camper? In San Sebastian there was an area with electricity, showers and toilet, which was very well received.

Gruß Carsten

    Maxence · 19 2月 2020 11 h 18 min

    Hi Carsten! Sorry for the delay. We are currently looking for camper options. We hope it will be possible but can’t affirm it right now.
    Cheers, Maxence



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