Trials is a discipline in which riders must overcome courses composed of multiple sections of obstacles. Riders must ride along skinny obstacles, jump up obstacles; off drops, across gaps and land precision jumps. The winner is the one who completes the most sections in the allotted time. 
Speed trials is like trials, except that riders are paired to overcome similar zones and the competition is in a tournament form. The winner is the first to cross the line. 

Information for a First time Unicon Competitor!

  • All levels and abilities are welcome to join
  • Obstacles are graded for beginners to elite!
  • Complete harder lines for more points
  • Trials needs lots of volunteers to run, please help us and have fun while doing it!
  • Make sure to come to finals for a good spectacle!

Safety rules

  • Helmet
  • Shin guards, knee pads and gloves are recommended
  • Only competitors and volunteers are allowed in the riding area.

Venue Information

Trials will be held inside Halle Clémenceau which can hold up to 2000 spectators. The main entrance is on the southeast side of the Halle: this is on the far side from L’Anneau de Vitesse. Speed trials will be held outside on L’Anneau de Vitesse. There will be a security check from people coming in and out of the venues.

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