La inscripción es la única forma de tomar parte en la 20º edición del UNICON. Puedes registrarte como competidor, así como no competidor. Los competidores pueden participar en las competiciones, mientras que los no competidores solo pueden tomar parte en talleres y eventos de no competidores (como el desfile).

Important: in order to ride a unicycle at UNICON 20, you must be registered as at least a non-competitor. For example, in order to ride in the parade, you must register as a non-competitor.

Detalles de inscripción y precios
 Early bird registrationStandard registrationLate registration
Last date to register22/12/201915/03/202030/06/2020
Competitor200 €230 €275 €
Non-competitor65 €90 €120 €

Please note that these prices don’t include the IUF membership: 15€.

Discount for families

As a family, you can ask for a discount of 10%.


You must be at least 3 competitors from the same family at the same address and at least two of which are under 18 years of age.


First you need to register and pay for your IUF membership.
Then, you need to apply for the discount: send an email to with the registration IDs of the competitors and supporting documentation.

Eligible but already registered and paid?

Not a problem, apply with the same information as above to get your partial refund!

Política de devoluciones

Till December, 22nd: full refund
From December, 23rd to the March, 15th: 60% refund
From March, 16th to June, 30th: 30% refund
After June, 30th: no refund

When you register, understand that any outside event may be canceled for any reason – bad or unsafe weather, unsafe air quality, … If this happens we will do our best to schedule this event later, but we cannot promise anything.

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