Unicycling is a sport practice including more than 35 different disciplines such as collective, individual, arrtistic or extreme sports (more information on our Discplines - UNICON 20 page). The UNICON - which means "UNIcycle CONvention" - is the biggest unicycling gathering. Each time, 1500 to 2000 participants come for a period of 12 days.
For the first time of its history, the UNICON will take place in Grenoble, France - the heart of the Alps.

What's new?

UNICON 20 Poster

As of now, take a look at the official poster of the UNICON 20! Carefully realized by Erwan Gravouil and Fanny Riom – thanks to them! -, the poster breathes the freshness and the dynamism Leer más

Registration conditions

Following, you will find the registration conditions for Unicon 20 in 2022. Four cases: You are registered and you do want to come in 2022: great, we encourage everyone to stay registered. Already paid registrations Leer más

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