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Dear Unicon attendees,

Here is information to help you get a refund from your Unicon 20 lodging accommodations:

  1. You booked a college room via Unicon 20?

=> You can keep the booking for next year. Should you want to be refunded, ask us at contact@unicon20.fr

2. You booked accommodation in an Accor hotel via the link provided by Unicon?

=> Cancel your reservation by replying to the email confirmation you received, and you will be fully refunded.

3. You booked accommodation at Citadines Appart’hôtel via the email provided by Unicon?

=> Cancel your reservation by writing too grenoble@citadines.com, and you will be fully refunded.

4. You booked an accommodation at Camping des trois pucelles (no agreement with Unicon)?

=> Ask for a refund by answering the confirmation mail, and the person in charge has assured us that she will answer favourably and in full.

5. You have booked an AirBnB accommodation ?

=> You can get in touch with your countries’ AirBnb assistant to start the refund procedure. Refund will depend on your host (full, partial, or report to 2021). See their Covid-19 information on the AirBnB website.

If you follow these instructions and have difficulties either in requesting or receiving a refund, please email contact@unicon20.fr

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Miyuki Nemoto · 12 mayo 2020 a las 6 h 48 min

Will you give us the accommodation with unicorn price next year as well?

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