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Good afternoon, Up- and Downhil Competitiors Tomorrow is competition day!  We are still missing a lot of very critical volunteers These volunteer-positions are all extremely vital to the competition. If they do not get filled up. Events WILL get canceled! You can sign up for volunteering by clicking on this link: 続きを読む

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Program of 29/07

8:30am in Halle Clémenceau. You can check which wave you’re in here:  We are still missing some judges (no special skills required). Sign up here: Hockey 8am to 5pm, A tournament continues Location: Gymnase Aristide Bergès 7pm to 10pm hockey finals. The Gustavo foodtruck will be there for your evening meal.  Downhill 続きを読む

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Cross Country practice day is postponed!

Dear Cross Country competitors  Due to dangers caused by the weather. The city og Grenoble has just decided that the park and forest where we are having the cross country competition will be closed until 17:00 tomorrow.  This means that everybody will be prohibited from entering the area. And therefore 続きを読む

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Eating during the event

Find below all the foodtrucks present on the event with dates and locations.The Gustavo foodtruck can also take pre-orders via the website : You can also find our UNICON refreshment bar every day, on the village!

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Welcome Pack

On the first day (26/07 but also 25/07 afternoon) you will be able to collect your number and bracelet at the reception of the Halle Clémenceau. If you arrive later, you will have to go to the information point of the Unicon village on the speed ring (it is just 続きを読む

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Check your registration

Only with Unicon Organizer approval are you able to: Add events Modify best times Alter any part of one’s registrationThis is only allowed up until the 20th of July. After the 20th, you are ONLY able to DROP events. Full stop. >> MY REGISTRATION <<

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Call for volunteers !

The world unicycle championship is coming to Grenoble! 12 days of competitions of all kinds (flat, trial, road race, or collective sports…), the event includes 35 unicycle events. 12 days of celebration because unicycling is also fun and a good friendly atmosphere. To carry out this event from July 26 続きを読む

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