Free distance race

We will host a free distance race the 2nd of august.

Race categories
There are two unicycle categories, the 29 Class and the Unlimited Class. Riders in the 29 Class must have a wheel diameter between 619-778mm with regular transmission, but there is no limit on crank length. Riders in the Unlimited Class have no limit on wheel diameter, crank length or transmission. The specifications for each class are listed in the IUF Rulebook 2019, section 3B.2.
Expert, age-group and ungeared placings are defined and awarded as per the IUF rulebook.

The specific course cannot be announced yet. However, we can give you a glimpse of what is awaiting you. The race will be 15km long, with more than 900 meters climb, and no downhill. Expect a tough race on small mountain roads!
Check back later for more information.

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